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What do you get when you have everything? The best pick of the crop, the finest riches? A coddled heartless soul on a maniacal destructive bent believing the entire universe must succumb to your slightest whim. In this explosive episode of Galaxy 999, Tetsuro finds himself on a crash course with just such a person in, The Planet of Dimensional Voyage!




Meow baby!

Size: 185,999,360 bytes
MD5: 2cdf46945cc88009c1f8baa8ab270dae5be66134
As usual, get it from the bots in our IRC channel, or grab it off BitTorrent.

The world looks on as all three female pros begin their matches with Hani-meijin, Yasuoka-sensei, and Hani Satoru. Who will win? Who will lose? What surprises does Satoru have planned for Shion? Enjoy another tension packed episode with Shion no Ou 12.

Release Info:
Size: 180944896
CRC: 6B436B1E
MD5: ad0c5bc3fcadb20de5c2d3ef6467643a

As usual, this release is available from the bots in our IRC channel,, or grab it off BitTorrent.



In recent news, I have removed some long-unsupported titles from our bit torrent page. These were shows such as State of Divinity, Demi-gods and Semi-devils, some of the Oppai Fansubs encodes (Chou Kuse ni Narisou, Glass Mask, Chacha TV, Tonde Buurin). These were removed because they have not been seeded in a long time and were wasting space on our bit torrent page.

The L-E staff collectively have a copy of pretty much every release we’ve ever done in our 6.5 years subbing, so if you ever want a copy of anything, even if it is not on our torrent page or xdcc bots, just ask on the forum or irc channel and I am sure someone will help you out!

In other news, we released 3000 Leagues in Search of Mother episode 11 with C1Anime. This is available on bit torrent and irc. What are you waiting for? Go get it! 🙂