You may contact us through e-mail support now. If you have any query for which registering in the forums is not necessary, or you are unlikely to visit the forums after your question has been answered, please use our e-mail support or come visit us on IRC. However, if you think your question is stupid and you’re likely to get kicked, insulted or banned by the ops, we strongly recommend you to use the support e-mail method instead. You should allow at least 24 hours for e-mail response. Anything of the playback issue nature, query regarding a series we’re not subbing or a very common question should be taken up on the forums. Do remember however that you can only ask something that has not already be answered in our FAQ section. Also, please refrain from sending thank you mails (use forums or IRC ūüėČ ). So keep that in mind and act accordingly.

Ways to contact us:


  • Donation link: – All your donations will be used to purchase imported Blu-rays/DVDs for future L-E projects.

:: :: ::REMINDERS:: :: ::

  • Do NOT ask about when a certain episode of a certain series will be released.
  • Do NOT ask why a certain episode of a certain episode is being delayed or why it hasn’t come out yet.
  • Do NOT ask about episodes that haven’t aired yet.
  • Do NOT ask where to obtained licensed materials.
  • Do NOT ask where to obtain raws. If you want to translate for us, use the forum private message feature, e-mail us or drop by our IRC channel.
  • Do NOT come to us asking for a translator even if you offer a joint.
  • Do NOT msg ops on IRC without¬†prior permission.
  • Do NOT ask for our scripts.
  • DO visit our FAQ section at least once.

NOTE: If you have a question regarding Oppai fansubs, only way to have it answered is to post in the appropriate board in the forums. You will need to contact the piggy. Visit the Piggy FAQ for details.

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