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Okay, it’s out! In the fourth installment of NANA we see the conclusion of Nana Komatsu’s backstory and get to see Nana Oosaki before she met her future roommate. This is possibly the raunchiest episode of anime made in a long time that wasn’t fan-service. We’ve got multiple instances of sex, orgasms, drugs, condoms, and more. It’s definitely worth checking out.

Oh, and we get to hear the Black Stones for the first time.

Download it on bit torrent or on the great bots in #live-evil on!


Filesize is 180,434,944 bytes, CRC is 9318767F, md5 hash is ee62e2689dc7fd753072051ce2731206.



Live-eviL Fansubs has recently had two translators go AWOL. This has led to the stalling of the following projects:

Gallery Fake
The Snow Queen
Detective Academy Q

We own the R2 DVDs for all of these shows and would like to continue subbing them at a decent speed. If anyone is willing to help on these or any other projects, please contact on irc (#live-evil on, on our web forum (, on AIM (Tofusensei), or email at

If you are not sure of your skills, but want to give it a shot, that is okay too. I will gladly give you honest feedback. Thank you so much.



Heres a small Sailor Moon Musicals release. It’s the commercial and service numbers from the 2005 Winter Special Musical Shin Kaguya Shima Densetsu Kaiteban. The service numbers are from the end of the musical. We decided to sub the encore because it had 2 songs which we hadn’t as of yet subbed.

At the minute we have no plans to sub the main musical because of it’s similarity to the 2004 – Shin Kaguya Shima Densetsu but as I have mentioned on animesuki, if a reputable fansub group approaches us and is willing to do the work necessary, we will give them the scripts so they can get the kaiteban version of SKSD ready.

The files are available from xdcc at #live-evil on or bittorrent at

File Info –


MD5 : e68d932ac257170807ac05d473f83446
Size : 2828288
CRC : 078C46CA
Service Numbers

MD5 : 0286e0910815e87bda6af821862dea04
Size : 68413440
CRC : 2149881C