Back from hiatus, yet again… Ask Dr Rin springs to life, you just can’t keep a good Feng Shui Mistress down! We present, EP #30, Look out! It’s a dinosaur! In this episode, it’s a rebellion, Tenshin and the others have grown tired of their owners always making such harsh demands of them, like not taking food W/O permission, or stepping on a flower bud in the garden, and so on, so the four of them decide to strike out on their own and form a band of “abused former servants”, so to speak, and of course, they quickly run into trouble in the form of a rampaging possessed museum exhibit. (funny how that always seems to happen in Dr Rin! )

Can the fearless foursome fend off the fiendish fossil? Or will four friends get boned, tying to tackle terrible towering tyrannosaur?
Find out!
Meow baby! =^-^=

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