That’s correct! for the first time in long time we are hitting you with a dual release!

First up, Ceddie # 8!

Episode #8, My Mother Is Definitely Not a Bad Person!

If you remember the last episode, Ceddie and his Mother were struggling to make ends meet when his mom got a surprise commission to create a party dress for the rich and snobbish. And now suddenly the pressure is on and the anticipation is so thick you can cut with a knife. Will it be done on time? Is Ceddie’s mom working herself too hard?

Find out!
Ceddie#8 h264
size 330 MB (346,752,428 bytes)

Then next, Marco # 22!

Marco arrives in Argentina and looks for his mother at her last known address, but she has moved on to a new town. Marco discovers a problem when he tries to board a train to a new town.

Filename: 3000 Leagues in Search of Mother – 22 [1DBBDC66].mkv
Size: 266 MB (279,529,935 bytes)
MD5: 9B0C2BC465D9A803F25C72E138F6F02A

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