It seems we have come to this crossroads once again. No easy way to put it, this is just as difficult as this was the last time when we asked in 2013, not sure how to start other than…
Last night while working with video files something was not working right, thigs were lagging and freezing.
After an hour of poking around, this came to my attention, “06-Quick Test on drive 3 did not complete! Status code = 07 (Failed read test element), Failure Checkpoint = 00 (Unknown Test) SMART self-test did not complete on drive 3!”
In not techy terms, THIS IS BAD… drive failure in progress, back in 2013 with the help of your donations, we got a pair of 2tb drives that were set in RAID 1 configuration, since then they have been in constant use and now one is giving warning signs of failure. (had I not used RAID, there would have been data loss now)
As before, due to the cost of everyday living, replacing these drives is not something I can afford without help. As in order to do this correctly, it would require a pair of GOOD GRADE drives, like we got last time. And thus I am choosing to re-open the HARDWARE donation drive again.
What we are hoping for is enough for a pair of drives 3 to 4 tb ( Seagate or WD , ones with 5 year warranties).
It’s extremely rare that a hardware donation is ever asked for, and this is one of those times… most of the time upgrades are done out of own pocket, for example since the last pair was bought, things I have added to the system have been a 8 core CPU, beefier video card (speeds up encodes ) , 32 gig ram… just to name a few.
And so once again, here it is… the magic button.
Link here for donating.

Donate here

Now let me make this clear here and now…
Unlike >other< donation drives that may have come and gone since the last hardware drive… I shall not mention names or incidents, THIS ONE, like the last one is being held in the most honesty and sincerity we can put forth, I can still to this day pull up receipts for the drives purchased in 2013 😮 So with that.. I leave this to your hands. Suzaku & the staff of Live-eviL ==================================================================================== FIRST UPDATED!!!!
Thanks to your generous activity since this was opened hardly 24 hours ago, we have already reached about 2/3s of what it will take to get 2 new drives!
If this keeps up like this, things will be back to full capacity in no time!
Many thanks to those who donated so far.