Four years have passed since the end of war between the Ninku and the Imperial Army. The remaining Ninku, Fuusuke, Touji, and Aichou, head to Amahara Village to deliver a knife to a girl named Makoto, who is the sister of their fallen comrade Eiji, as a memento. Once they arrive, the town is seemingly abandoned, and the remaining residents are hiding in fear. Eventually, they enter a restaurant and find Makoto (dressed as a boy) and her friend Taikichi. The two explain to the Ninku that the village has been overtaken by the Rasenryu pirates, who have been wreaking havoc, pillaging, and abducting the locals as prisoners. It’s up to the Ninku to fight off the Rasenryu in order to restore peace back to Amahara Village.

Based on the manga series created by Kiriyama Koji, serialized in Shueisha’s Weekly Shounen Jump, which ran from 1993 to 1995. This was shown as part of the “Jump Super Anime Tour” of October 1994, prior to the Ninku TV series. It also contains an extra Q & A segment with series creator, Kiriyama Koji.

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