Yadamon 2:
Jean has found Yadamon and brought her back to his place while maria and eddie are at the lab researching the monster egg

Yadamon 3:
Maria starts out by trying to find out where our lost girl is from and jean talks too much for his own good.

Yadamon 4:
Yadamon flys away from the police and Jean and Yadamon have a brilliant idea…

Yadamon 5:
Who likes chores? Yadamon doesn’t and see how she gets out of doing them.

Also a side note earlier when episode 5 of this series was released by us. There was a problem with the episode.
The episode 5 that we released was a later episode. Some research has shown it was episode 45.  Since this wasn’t brought
up until recently I decided I would bring this up when I revived the project.

filesizes (bytes):
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03: 110741993
04: 115435658
05: 104327109

02: DE70278E
03: 04E57C67
04: 9BFD6395
05: 73552B5A

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