OK, where to start with something like this… there comes a time where one must break new ground and head into new UN-charted territory. (well for us anyway ) and that time seems to have come.

In this day and age of everything getting BIGGER and bigger file-wise and encoding wise ( Blu-ray )
files are just getting WAY to big to manage. We here at L-E intend to launch another classic Blu project, but nearly had a cow when we saw the size of the files it would take to work with this, over 400 GB just to START it. Now, I wont say WHAT this is, but I will say the director is very well known, and has often been associated with another very WELL known director for most of his career .

So as a first here at Live-eviL, we are asking you the watchers, for donations… this will be added to funds that we ourselves will be putting in for 2 ( at least 2) 1 TB drives, of a reliable brand with a 3 or more year warranty on them. These will be set up RAID 1 (mirrored ) and dedicated to this project, and any and all future Blu-ray projects we do.

Any help you can give is appreciated.
If you can’t , that’s also understood.

Thank you.
Link here for donating.

Donate here

Suzaku & the staff of Live-eviL =^-^=

Status updates will follow…