Dual release! Future Boy Conan Blu #16 & Magical Emi #7!
First we serve up Conan #16, Their Hut, Conan and Jimsy become more adjusted to the ‘Island’ life as they decide to build a bachelor pad for themselves, meanwhile, Orlo and Dyce come to some agreement that puts them all in danger.
And next is Emi #7, Home Ec. Primer during Summer Break.
Not much I can say about this episode.

Enjoy! Suzaku.
Meow baby! =^-^=
Conan#16 h264 10bit 1080p
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8bit 720p version!
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Emi#7 h264
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MD5: F93A7ADF66A50DEB0C9A4A22F315511C

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