<@amanist> Awake on my airplane
<@amanist> Awake on my airplane
<@amanist> My skin is bare
<@amanist> My skin is theirs
<@amanist> kudos to whoever gets it
<@Robo210> no kudos for me i guess
* @Robo210 cries
<@amanist> i guess Robo210 isn’t from my generation after all
<@amanist> or doesnt remember the god awful “adult contemporary” music its given birth to
<@Robo210> possible and nope

Release information:

720p [Frostii_Live-eviL]_Winter_Sonata_-_19_[713EA1F4].mkv
480p  – [Frostii_Live-eviL]_Winter_Sonata_-_19_[E52F697A].avi

As usual, these episodes are available on the bots in our IRC channel, #Live-eviL@irc.enterthegame.com and Frostii’s channel #Frostii@irc.rizon.net, or grab it off BitTorrent.