This time it’s an anime odd couple with Conan #17 and Snow Queen #22!
First up it’s Conan #17, “Battle” The past has finally caught up with Lana and Conan as Industra invades High Harbor and it’s the simple country folk VS the militarized solders of Industra. Who will have the upper hand? The ones fighting for their homeland who know the tricks of the terrain, or the battle hardened thugs of Industra?

And next up to bat is Snow Queen #22, as Gerda and her friends push on northward they come across a traveling circus. Was it not almost every child’s dream to run away and join a circus? But as more often than not, life does not end like is does in our dreams.
Find out in, Snow Queen #22,The Miracle of the Circus!

Meow baby! =^-^=

Snow Queen #22
Size: 227,264,512 bytes
CRC: 551b3e5a
MD5: 63D4E89DF5D1FA9BEBFD4A72F0D02E3B31D639AD
h264 version
Size: 244,639,437 bytes
CRC: 7906e687
MD5: B10E04F4A7FED08839D110E5B4CC19AD2A8680D9
Conan #17
Size: 229,478,400 bytes
CRC: b9c85b0a
h264 version
Size: 273,868,140 bytes
CRC: 9db6741e
MD5: 222F5AA0ADC97E45DCE5E8C7B11943C072F938AD

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