Have you ever wanted to help Live-EviL? Do you have 1337 translator skills? We want you. Now. I mean, like, yesterday now.

Our primary translator recently got a fabulous new job (congrats!) and no longer has time to fansub. Unfortunately, this leaves us between a rock and a hard place. A real big one. Live-eviL currently has the several shows stalled for lack of an active translator. If you (or anyone you know and can talk into it) would be interested in translating one or more of the following shows, please please contact us ASAP.

  • Ask Dr. Rin!
  • Dirty Pair TV
  • Kimagure Orange Road
  • The Snow Queen
  • VS Knight Lamune & Fire 40
  • Captain Harlock SSX

Bear in mind that not all shows are created equal. Snow Queen, for instance, is significantly easier to translate than most shows and may be suitable for a less experienced translator.  We would prefer experienced translators in all cases, but are open to skilled translators who have not fansubbed before.  For more information on specific TL requirements, please read the FAQS, section 1i.

Once a new translator has completed at least 10 episodes of our current shows, he/she may recommend new unlicensed shows. If there’s staff willing to do the new shows, we’ll do them.  So, if you have a particular show you’d like L-E to fansub, consider this a great opportunity.

We are also in need of two other important items, so all you raw hunters and anyone living in Japan, please help!  We really need the transport stream (.ts) for the final episode of Daughter of Twenty Faces. We had it, it got corrupted, and now we can’t encode the final episode… and that’s literally all that’s left to do on the show! >.<  A very high quality raw  or a dvd rip would also be acceptable. (Thanks for the help everyone!)

We also need the final DVD of Tantei Gakuen Q live action containing episodes 9, 10, and 11 (DVD volume 5).  So, if you can find it, or you have it, or you live in Japan, or you know anyone who lives in Japan, we would be very grateful for the assistance. It costs about 300 yen to rent the DVD and then all we need is the iso.

If you can do any of this, please please email me at tlynnec@live-evil.org!


Please don’t make me beg…