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#21 Chase the Red Phantom!
A vigilante has appeared, hell bent on wreaking havoc on street racers an has both the public and law enforcement seeing red as the Bokuto Police Precinct are pushed to extremes as they try to clip the tail of this new speed racing menace!


Meow baby!

Size: 147,504,604 bytes
CRC: 00036b93

Yet another double barreled Conan release, with Salvage Ship and Dr. Lao.
After their escape from Industria, Conan decides to take Lana on a nice healthy hike through the desert at the end of which they emerge barely alive to be discovered by a man named “Patch” who’s idea recovery for them is a good dose of hard knocks and manual labor!

Enjoy, Suzaku.
Meow baby! =^-^=

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CRC: 4c3cc50c
MD5: 47018BFFCC85756F6D58E33C24D43CAE317375D8
h264 version
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