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**WARNING: no asking about release dates. They’ll be out when they’re out. If stalled, we will mention so on our site.**

Please read the FAQ below before asking any question in our IRC channel/forums to avoid asking a question already answered here.

Topics in this FAQ:

  1. The Fansub Basics
  2. Live-eviL specific FAQ (includes playback issues)
  3. General Anime FAQ (includes playback issues)
  4. IRC-specific FAQs
  5. Series-specific FAQs
  6. General Q/A service

Click here for the PigCam FAQ.

  1. The Fansub Basics

    1. What’s a fansub?


    2. Why are you guys called ‘fansubbers’?

      Because we are anime fans who add subtitles or ‘subs’ to raw anime just so that those of you who can’t speak a word of Japanese can still watch and enjoy it.

    3. So… why do you guys fansub?

      Hmm… because we like doing it. Most of us started watching anime with fansubs.

    4. Ok cool, how much do you get paid?

      Aboslutely nothing. In fact, many of us spend money on Blu-rays / R2 DVDS, bandwidth, and webspace in order to make fansubbing and distribution possible. We do it out of the kindness of hearts!

    5. What jobs are needed to make a fansub possible?
      1. Raw provider: Captures the show as it airs on TV, encodes it digitally, or purchase the physical media (Blu-ray/DVD). If the 2 methods cannot be done, the raw provider becomes a raw hunter and looks for BD/DVD isos (or worse… wmvs). For example: Yadamon is out of print and we had no choice but to use those yucky wmvs.
      2. Translator: Translates the Japanese dialogue and onscreen writing into the English you see as subtitles.
      3. Editor: Edits the English in the translation to make it sound perfect. So yes, when subtitles have poor grammar, it’s their fault. :-p (And QC’s for not catching it!)
      4. Timer: Times each and every dialogue and onscreen to the appropriate scene in the video. This job requires a very very patient person…
      5. Typesetter: The typesetter is the almighty beautician of a fansub. S/he styles the dialogues and onscreens (and sometimes the karaoke) and positions them in the appropriate places on the screen. This often requires going frame by frame through the video and also requires a VERY patient person. As for the typewriter part… Does typing require a typewriter?
      6. Encoder: An encoder is the person whose computer’s harddrive is harassed the most. S/he puts the subtitle file(s) and RAW video together and creates the final release version of the fansub.
      7. QC: QC stands for “quality control.” Quality-oriented fansubbers (as opposed to “speedsubbers”) make sure each of their fansubs goes through at least two rounds of QC prior to release. In each round of QC, at least 3 “qcers” watch the fansub completely through and note errors as well as make suggestions. The purpose of quality checking is obviously to keep errors to a ‘nil’ level and ensure fine quality subs.
      8. Distro (Distribution): Gets the file out to all of you leeches!!! Includes BT seeders, bot providers, and hosts of DDL (direct download) sites.
    6. What process does a fansub follow?

      The most common process is: raw encode —> translation —> timing —>editing —> typesetting —> QC encode —> QC —> RC encode/final encode —> RC —> distro (released!) Some fansubs follow a slight variation, e.g. the episode is pre-timed or a script qc is carried out before encoding is done. A script qc is where the raw video is qced using a stand-alone script file.

    7. Do I need to know Japanese to fansub?

      Nope. Although, if you do, you SHOULD be fansubbing! Translators are *always* needed.

    8. Is QC something I can do?

      We’ve got so much to say on this subject, we had to create a separate page for it!

    9. How does one become a fansubber?

      Well, Live-eviL frequently recruits ‘fresh meat.’ That is, we welcome fansubbing nOObs to join our team. We raise fansubbers from scratch by having them join our QC team and working up to greater responsibility. QCers have to demonstrate active participation and useful output in order to be considered for advancement. The following are also considered when determining whether to “promote” a member of the QC staff:

      • Editing ability is usually recognizeable from the QC reports one turns in. Editing for fansubs is different than editing for school/work. Although grammar is still important, emphasis is placed on natural speech/dialogue. This means, among other things, that we see a much greater use of ellipses, etc.
      • Timers: A good “ear” can’t be taught. Even if the timer does not speak Japanese (yes, this is pretty common), they still need to be able to audibly recognize where sentences/phrases begin and end.
      • Typesetters need to know the basics of dealing with subtitle software (usually aegisub or sabbu) before they can begin their training. Most people gain this experience by editing and/or timing first.
      • As for translators, at least 3 years of preliminary experience with speaking, reading, and writing in the language is required. Also, translators must be able to catch dialogues from audio only. The art of fansub translation involves ability to to identify and distinguish metaphorical ideas from their literal meanings. Translation abilities are gradually developed over time but a newbie translator must have an accuracy of 90% to be accepted to Live-eviL, unless we can arrange a translation checker. The latter often depends on the series. We highly recommend watching anime raw until you feel you can meet these requirements before applying to L-E (or any other group!).

      For ‘experienced’ fansubbers wishing to join the L-E staff, samples of previous work will be requested. Depending on the op’s judgment, a ‘test’ may be required as well. MOST IMPORTANT RULE BEFORE JOINING: KNOW THE FANSUB BASICS and Live-eviL Code of Conduct. Visit the Live-eviL Recruitment Board in the forums for further details.

  2. Live-eviL-specific FAQ (includes playback issues)

    1. Where is Tofusensei?

      In Japan.

    2. What happened to CP?

      Read here

    3. Where is the rest of the L-E staff?


    4. What’s LLE?

      LLE stands for ‘Ladies of Live-eviL’. Founded, developed and membered by the Death Note anime sub crew. (Yes, Death Note was subbed by an all-female staff. As far as we know, this was a fansub first!)

    5. Soo, why ‘LIVE-EVIL’?

      I’m sure you’ve noticed LIVE reads EVIL backward.

    6. Is it ‘Live’ as in ALIVE or GIVE???

      The founder meant to pronounce it as the second one but we prefer the first case since it’s more lively that way.

    7. Who founded Live-eviL?

      Live-eviL was founded five years back by a 15-year-old guy named sol`.

    8. Are you guys really evil?

      We probably are.

    9. What’s wrong with your www and forum?

      Shit happens. If it’s down we’ll try to get it back up as soon as possible. At times our Forums may tell you to wait for DNS propagation. Then wait. Patience is a virtue.

    10. Where can I get hold of [insert licensed anime title here]?

      Our answer is ‘your closest anime store.’ Live-eviL has a strict policy about licensed materials: We neither sub them nor serve them. Therefore, we do not appreciate requests for licensed material. Please refrain from inquiring about licensed titles. Read more about our policy on licensed anime here.

    11. Why won’t you guys sub licensed shows?

      See above…

    12. Can I have your scripts please?

      We do not share our scripts with the public for any reason. Whether you’re a fansubber or just a leechie, it doesn’t matter. No means no. If you want them so badly, download the episode and type it out yourself. However, if our release is a soft-sub, then we can’t stop you from ripping the script. Do give us credit if you plan on using our scripts.

    13. I’m from [name of other fansub group] will you joint with us?

      That depends on whether your series fits our subbing genre and what staff you are willing to provide.

    14. Can you sub this series?

      Sure, as long as you’re patient and are fine with a release rate of 1 episode every 2 months and are willing to provide the translator, we can consider it. For further information, click here.

    15. Is anyone else having problem playing Live-eviL’s [insert ep title and #]? Why can’t I play it?

      Match CRC? If the CRC doesn’t match, then you need to re-download. If it matches, you need to change your player configurations and/or either reinstall or update your codecs. When in doubt, try the K-Lite Codes and their help forum. If the problem still persists, then it might be your video card.

    16. The anime I downloaded from you does not work on my DVD Player / Gaming Console, help!

      It is possible to play our older releases.  However, some of our MKVs may not work on your console / DVD player.

    17. Why doesn’t your fansubs work on my older PC??

      Older releases (e.g. hardsubbed avi releases) will most likely work on your older PC. The blu-ray releases will require at least a dual core system. Make sure you have the latest codec pack installed.

  3. General Anime FAQ (includes playback issues)

    1. Where can I get anime?

      IRC, anime DDL sites, p2p (including BT), and DVDs (recommended – most ethical way to obtain them)

    2. Where can I get raws?

      What do you need them for? Can you translate? (i.e. We do not provide information regarding raw sources and this is a question people should refrain from asking.)

    3. How does BitTorrent work?

      You’re best off googling it. The basic concept of BT is a number of leechies known as ‘peers’ are connected through a tracker and/or this decentralized tracker thingy called DHT and they obtain bits and pieces from here and there of the file from these peers. When the download is complete and a peer has 100% of the file, s/he becomes a ‘seed’ and is requested to keep the download window open and to share the file with those who are still downloading. This way, through a worldwide network system, people obtain the files through sharing them with each other.

    4. What’s h264/x264?

      A video codec producing super video quality for comparatively smaller file size than xvid would at the same bitrate. (Well, the quality improvement is debatable, but it’s still a good codec.)

    5. What’s an mkv?

      Shortcut for a container known as ‘matroska’. Matroska supports softsubs,audio tracks, chapter stops and many other neat features. See our Harlock subs to get an idea. Find out more by googling it.

    6. Why can’t I hear the sound from your releases?

      Download the latest sound drivers from your PC’s manufacturer and make sure you have the latest codec pack.

    7. What happened to CCCP? (Combined Community Codec Pack)

      They are no longer supported and our releases may not work properly. Please get k-lite codecs from here.

  4. IRC-specific FAQs

    1. What does IRC stand for?

      Internet Relay Chat PM = Private message ban/kickban = you will not be allowed back in the channel

    2. What is mIRC ?

      The most basic and most widely-used (popular) IRC client. You can grab a copy of it from here.

    3. Who are @s/ops and what do they do?

      We eat your first born!!! — uhh… we help out in anyway we can. NEVER PM an Op without their permission. Random PMs might get you kickbanned.

    4. What does a +v do?

      A voice is given to a non-staff who is special and important to the channel. The voice list in our channel mostly consists of QC-team staff, staff from groups involved in a joint project with us, the distro people and faithful L-E fans who engage in active channel conversation with us.

    5. How do I leech from your channel?

      Visit http://www.kasshin.net/ to learn how to leech on IRC. In our channel, you type !list and follow the instructions for the bot you’re downloading from. For example, if you’re trying to download Future Boy Conan 26 from L-E|Yawara, type !list and the following message will pop up:

      -L-E|Yawara- (XDCC) Packs:(507) Packlist at http://yawara.strangled.net:8589 Sends:(0/30) Queues:(0/50) Record:(109065.8kB/s) Note:(http://www.live-evil.org) =iroffer=

      Visit the packlist URL and find the pack number. On IRC, type out /msg L-E|Yawara xdcc send #

      There are other alternate bots: L-E|Ayukawa & L-E|Ayukawa. Use /msg L-E|Botname xdcc send list for a pack list.

      If you can’t find a certain anime on either bot, then please msg one of the OPs and we’ll get back to you.

      Simple, isn’t it?

    6. I asked for a script from an old hard-subbed show of yours and got banned 🙁

      Type !rules in the main channel. Follow these simple rules and you won’t be banned.

    7. 007?

      Shaken not stirred.

    8. Who is peer and why is he resetting me?

      Oh, you mean 007 undercover. A peer on IRC is your fellow idler and stalker. He resets you to remind you of his existence.

    9. How do I register my nick on this network?

      We recently moved to Rizon.  Type /msg nickserv help

    10. Why are you so strict on nOObs?

      ’cause we’re getting old and losing patience day-by-day?

    11. What’s up with the random ‘ccccccooooooooccccccckkkkkkk’?

      That’s how our Prof likes to express his frustration, self-pity and anger after a really long and tiring day at work and school. Ignore him: we all do. ;p

    12. o_O o_O k, why is that?

      Cause he is a bi? :E

    13. Is LLE sexy? What do ya think?
  5. General Q/A service

    1. I hate my life. Everything is so [CENSORED]. I am suicidal. What should I do?

      … *dramatic pause* no comment

    2. Ok, so who are the wise ones?

      This FAQ Section has been brought to you by banania, our channel service bot, and our almighty group piggy!

      Click here for the PigCam FAQ.

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6 Responses to “ The Official Live-eviL FAQ ”

  1. margarida says:

    I’m so sorry to bother you with this. I just found out that you released 24 episodes of The Trapp Family, I’m so excited, I’m already downloading them!
    But the full series is 40 episodes long. I noticed you haven’t published anything related to this series since 2009. Are the other episodes “in line”, waiting for translation, or you don’t even have them?
    I’m sorry to ask, but I was just very curious, for I’ve been looking for this show for quite some time now…

  2. p-chan says:

    Hi Live-Evil,

    Nice to meet you. I sent you an email to support@live-evil.org, but it bounced. 🙁 I do have a bit of a longish question, so email would be best. Could you get back to me or check why that address doesn’t work?

  3. p-chan says:

    Hm, the comment I just wrote about your email not working doesn’t show up 🙁 . I’d really like to contact you guys…

  4. kikibeats says:

    I read/skimmed through your Q/A and i didn’t really see anything about where to post anime’s you want fan-subbed so i thought id go to the comments. I posted in the website link an OVA of an anime I’ve been recently watching that i would love to watch subbed. It’s the last OVA and im pretty sure its not licensed due to the dark humor and vulgarity of it but if i could have a reply on if you guys would be so kind to fan-sub this for me that would be great. ^_^

  5. johnny johnson says:

    are you going to sub the rest of The Wizard of Oz?

  6. Kemm says:

    It seems like all three of your torrent RSS don’t work (0.91, 2.0 and Atom 1.0). They have the correct format, but there are no items.

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