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For all you very patient fans, we have more Rin! Enjoy 😀

A strange rash of fried tofu thefts begins all over town. The thief is found to be Nanao, a seven-tailed fox shikigami that has been serving the Tokiwa family. But what are these trials that Tokiwa must overcome in order to stop Nanao’s tofu rampage?

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[HnK & L-E] Ask Dr. Rin! – Ep 10.XviD.avi
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tlynnec & StarCreator

The Will of the Arcadia

Harlock has proven to be more than a match for the Mazone Fleet. Queen Rafflesia is watching her strategy fall apart around her. Are the Mazone defeated? Find out in this exciting episode which start a new story arc in this classic Matsumoto tale.

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Size: 262229396
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Usual features apply:
* new Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround audio track and the original mono track
* Formatted and Unformatted soft-subtitles
* Region 2 DVD source
* Corn Pone Flicks translation

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Good morning, everyone!

How are you doing on this lovely Sunday? Did you guys in America remember to spring your clocks forward an hour? 🙂

We are proud to bring you the third installment of Kimagure Orange Road! In episode 3, we have the infamous cheek-to-cheek episode. Some may translate this as “slow dancing,” but as a nostalgic trip for anyone who remembers the original fansubs, we stuck with the phrasing “cheek-to-cheek.” 🙂

This is a great episode as we get to see Ayukawa get jealous for the first time. Check it out!

Remember, you can only get these episodes on irc for now, so come join us in #live-evil on

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