Good day, everyone!

Today we are proud to announce a new series that Live-eviL will be bringing you.

21 years ago, an anime debuted in Japan that has captured the hearts of millions worldwide since its debut. It was one of the most widely fansubbed titles of the early 1990’s and was also released on VHS, Laserdisc, and DVD in the United States. Unfortunately, in 2006 Animeigo lost the rights to distribute it in region-1 and all DVDs/LDs/VHS tapes inevitably fell out of print.

Just last year, a new remastered set of DVDs for the show came out in Japan. The video is completely cleaned up and looks light-years better than anything we’ve ever seen for it before!

Also, our resident audio expert, YaoiBoy, put together a great remastered stereo opening which was not even included in the DVDs in the United States or Japan.

The show I am talking about, of course, is Kimagure Orange Road.

This story is about a teenage boy named Kasuga Kyousuke who comes from a family that can use ESP. He relocates to a new city (his 7th time transferring schools!) and meets two sweet, yet very different girls. One one hand we have Hiyama Hikaru, which is the bubbly, archetypically cute, subservient Japanese girl. On the other hand, we have the mysterious, whimsical, mature yet secretly innocent, Ayukawa Madoka. The story follows these three as their love triangle develops along with an all-star cast of supporting characters.

This is a must-watch for any anime fan and if you never got around to watching it before, now is your chance, courtesy of your friends at Live-eviL Fansubs.

The translation is a complete rewrite of the old Arctic Animation scripts which were originally completed in late 1990/early 1991. A lot of man-hours and love has gone into our scripts, so I hope you find it enjoyable.

From episode 2 (which we will be releasing tomorrow), there will be a delay of indeterminate time between when we make the files available on the xdcc bots in our irc channel ( #live-evil on ) and when we put the files up on bit torrent. This means, if you want access to the episodes as quickly as possible, please come onto irc. It may be days or weeks before we make everything available on bit torrent but new episodes will be available on irc daily for at least the next two weeks.

Also included in episode 1 is a special introduction to the olden days of fansubs titled: FANSUB HISTORY 101. Some of you may be surprised to see that not much has changed from the early days of VHS fansubs until today! Watch and you’ll see what I mean.

The episodes are all encoded in h264 codec with mp3 audio in a matroska container. If you have any playback issues, please come onto our forum for technical support.


Episode 1: Filesize is 206,250,623 bytes, CRC32 is ABCB0001. (you’ll get the reference for the CRC value if you watch the show!)

Enjoy! Please come onto our forum to comment on KOR and our subtitle effort for it!

Special thanks to all who helped work on this project! 🙂