In a Suzaku first, it’s a triple header!

So there is no room for pretty graphics this time, sorry T_T

First it is Trapp Family story #8, Courtesy is important!?

Plots are set in motion while the Baron is away on business that look like they may disrupt the delicate line that Maria tries to walk to understand the Trapp children.

Will Maria come up one note short? Will Frau Matilda’s true colors be shown from behind the mask she wears? Find out!

Next is Galaxy Express 999 #25 and #26

A Steel Angel.

Tetsuro and Maetel find themselves on the planet Masspron.

A world of heavy industry, a world of blackened skies, soiled grounds and fouled waters.

Tetsuro finds out just what can happen if one voice cries out in the smog above the din of the machines of manufacturing saying… “Enough is enough!”

The Skeleton’s Song.

Next is the planet that sings songs of the past.

What happens when you give out your heart to someone? And they betray you? Do you move on and live your life or keep hoping and wishing, waiting? Tetsuro finds one answer to this, with a dark turn to it.


Suzaku. Meow baby!


Trapp #8

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GE #25
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GE #26
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