Lots of new goodies for you guys. Last night we released the most recent episodes (17-18) of Initial D 4th Stage. I am sure lots of people have been awaiting these patiently, so go ahead and get em 🙂

Also, we released the newest episode of Tsubasa Chronicle, episode 24. The show is reaching its climax and it just keeps on ripping off the Matrix trilogy 🙂 Only two eps to go, you don’t want to miss the wild chaos that happens!!

As usual, get the files from our bots in #live-evil on irc.enterthegame.com or off of bit torrent.

ID4 17 is 183,508,992 bytes, the CRC is 5714E9C7, and the md5 hash is 76d740abd30a6da783d6829dc39a974d.
ID4 18 is 183,504,896 bytes, the CRC is 2D308247, and the md5 hash is f908d403d1d8db32933c456d3bc76c91.
Tsubasa Chronicle 24 is 181,161,984 bytes, the CRC is B7FD3B13, and the md5 hash is c82c50f5aba13432a02671e60d268205.