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Hi all,

Just in case you had missed it, we released Blood+ epiosode 2 a couple of days ago. The first 3 minutes of this episode rocks!


You can catch it on XDCC from #live-evil on or from bittorrent here.

The file info is as follows

CRC : BEF6A089
MD5 hash : 17f91c3d6a7065d69b26efd1fbf70d11
Size : 168047122 bytes



The batch torrent for Captain Harlock eps. 1-5 is now active on the tracker! Witness the beginning of this timeless epic unfold, and brace yourself for some classic Matsumoto! If you have already been tuning in, these are the exact same versions as were previously released, so you needn’t re-download them, but it wouldn’t hurt if you could rename them and help seed the torrents.

Additonally, they have French subtitles thanks to their .MKV encoding and Waga Seishun No Fansub’s translations, just incase you perfer languages other than English. Here is the file info…

Episode 01
CRC : 6A89AA23
Size : 243167077
Episode 02
CRC : 2523CBD2
Size : 280104619
Episode 03
Size : 279985152
Episode 04
CRC : C1F6CC70
Size : 271496184
Episode 05
CRC: A4A92035
Size : 280187026
Episode 11
CRC : 805EE829
Size : 278434136


Note from gumbaloom –
The 1 – 5 batch torrent also contains episode 11 or it’s available as a separate torrent. Also there is a CornPoneFlicks Batch torrent for Episodes 1 – 5 available if you want to collect the VHS cap encodes as well

If you have any questions please feel free to post on our forums and the staff members including Masakari will be more than happy to answer your questions.