Hi all,

As I’m sat here in a pub eating burger and chips with one of my Japanese class classmates, I’m proud to tell you about our latest project. We are proud to bring you the first episode of Blood+

For those that don’t know, a few years ago there was a short OVA movie called Blood The Last Vampire about a girl with a sword fighting evil and this was namely the Vampires.

The Japanese have turned this in to a completely new TV series with a completely new original story and theres quite a few famous faces on the Blood+ staff.

The story begins with our heroine Saya relaxed in her life at school but she has a mysterious and dark past. She can only remember the events of the past year and before that everything is a blank. Why is this?. What is her history?. Her past will be unlocked when a mysterious Cello player comes in to town and crosses Saya’s path at a rather awkward and dangerous moment for Saya. What will be Saya’s fate?….WATCH AND SEE!

As always you can download this file from xdcc bot at #live-evil on irc.enterthegame.com or from b ittorrent here.

The file information is as follows :-
The file size is 178604874
The CRC is 04E75BC5
The MD5 hash is d2cf767e8aaf3c17470dc51c17e633a6