Sorry for the slight delay this week. I was without internet access for all of last night and this morning (as well as some other *ahem* distractions), so the file is being released now ^^;

This episode begins the final stretch for the end of this season! The real plotline is finally unravelling and after this episode we’ll just see new surprises followed by more new surprises! Not to mention we’ll be passing out the English manga 🙂 You do NOT want to miss this episode.

As usual, get it from our wonderful xdcc bots in #live-evil on or off of bit torrent.

Filesize is 181,153,792 bytes, the CRC is 94273618, and the md5 hash is 0e5b348ac9f1e4e17096cdc0009d829a. All numbers in the CRC, neat 😀