A slow day overall but we bring you the second episode of the three-episode series, Akazukin Chacha OAV! In this episode Popi-kun and the gang are friends but the evil principal sends out assassins after Popi-kun for betraying her! Watch as hijinks pursue!

As usual, get the file from the bots in #live-evil on irc.enterthegame.com or off of bit torrent at http://a.scarywater.net/live-evil/

Filesize is 245,387,264 bytes, the CRC is 63BB41CF, and the md5 hash is 2a5c10efa9e1ffc4b288dbafdb1c2381. It was encoded in xvid 1.0.1

Also note that Shura no Toki was licensed by Media Blasters so if you liked the show buy the DVDs and do not distribute our fansubs!