Okay, the website was down for a while so we missed a lot of important updates so I will try to cover them all now.

First, we released the following episodes:

2004-06-29 3000 Leagues in Search of Mother 06 178225152 84AAFD87
2004-06-29 Initial D Fourth Stage 04 179503104 D2F0A177
2004-06-26 Galaxy Railways 18 149215232 F2DE0BBD
2004-06-26 Yawara 20 173406208 B5EE3024
2004-06-26 Creamy Mami 37 205934592 0B3E7023

Also, three of our completed series got announced as licensed over the weekend! I cannot WAIT for the DVDs and I hope all you fans who liked the show go and buy them too! Show America that you appreciate good anime! The shows that got licensed so far were Gilgamesh, Rumic Theater, and Rumic Theater 2: Mermaid’s Forest! Also, please respect our stance and do not distribute our fansubs any longer. ^-^

I’ll be back with more news when we have some~ Hope you all had a great 4th of July!