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After a (brief?) hiatus, Live-eviL is back, and we mean business, sort of… O_O;

Anyway, long story short, we released the 22nd installment of Detective Academy Q last night, and as usual you can get it from our great distro team in #live-evil on or you can get it off of bit torrent at

Enjoy! Oh, and post in the forums!!


Filesize is 178921472, CRC is 550F5791, and the md5 hash is 56d26a78014920e0b999495672fde7e4


Okay, I need to dispell some rumors:

L-E is not dead, we have just been very busy with Otakon and stuff! Thanks to all the people who came to the fansub panel at Otakon and/or the hotel after-party! Much fun was had by all!!
We will resume our regularly scheduled releases sometime this month >_< Anyway, DeadAlready911 is auctioning off some stuff, currently just some Animatrix stuff. Check it out!! Buy me