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Myself (Tofusensei) and Demn from Live-eviL are listing some very rare video games and DVDs on ebay. If you’ve been wondering all along how to show your support for L-E well now is your chance to do it and buy some cool stuff in the process!

My auctions are here: Buy me

Demn’s are here: Buy me

Happy bidding!


P.S. I really need this money for otakon so hurry up *_*

Apparently we released the 20th episode of The Galaxy Railways. in this episode Manabu gets recruited for the Space Panzer Grenadier, like his older brother once was. Very intense episode indeed 🙂

As usual, get the files from the bots in #live-evil or off of bit torrent at

Filesize is 149,219,328 bytes, the CRC is 3A791B7B, and the md5 hash is f204630d515430e404262cf32b09eca6.


Your good friends at Oppai Fansubs have released episodes 9-12 of Chou Kuse ni Narisou in a nice, neat bit torrent for you. Get it from and I hope you are enjoying this zany show.