The ever onslaught of time marches forward, as we are here yet taking another moment on this day to honor the legacy of our dear friend and companion, Olle Morell, AKA, CP…

It’s been years now that we have lost him, but the shock of it is still just as hard and painful to deal with.

So,today on his birthday, let us all take a moment to remember his brief time with us.
So, wherever you are, Happy Birthday to our dear friend , Olle Morell.

First up is Emi #33! Fly! Snow Dragon!
It’s time for the snow festival, and everyone is excited, but it has caught the attention snow fairy, and she has taken a liking to Misaki! (NO! Her name is not Sugar!)

Next is Ceddie #19! Riding horses – It is so wonderful!
Ceddie is starting to adjust to his new life as a Young Earl, and visits the nearby town with his friend,Cocky.

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Ceddie#19 h264
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There WILL be more releases!
Suzaku.& the staff of Live-eviL
Meow baby!