In 2008 we released this cute little OAV and thought “Aw, what a cute donkey!”.
He isn’t so cute ever since I saw him in HD. Ugly beast! Looks like he’ll bite your head off! ๐Ÿ˜€

Back in December, I found the Blu-ray files, and decided to resurrect this project.
That’s how long it took to do 2 OAVs (4 files).
The first part of the OAV is the Girl part (Mata Aimashou) and the Boy part (Zenryoku Shounen) is the second part of the OAV.

This OAV was Naoyoshi Shiotani’s first directed animated work. He is famous for directing all of Psycho Pass.

Yuudai has difficulty expressing his feelings and his girlfriend, Chizuru, has trouble maintaining relationships.
They are each about to make an important decision, when something unexpected occurs.

Hope you all enjoy this heartwarming OAV.
Happy viewing ๐Ÿ™‚

— Mamo

Filename: [Live-eviL]_Tokyo_Marble_Chocolate_Mata_Aimashou_[BD][1080p][41D8DE43].mkv
Size: 385,768,293 bytes
CRC: 41D8DE43
MD5: c215ab728e3dd7e14264779e5ecddeb7

Filename: [Live-eviL]_Tokyo_Marble_Chocolate_Mata_Aimashou_[BD][720p][A75BD7DD].mkv
Size: 226,345,183 bytes
MD5: e8063ac00373b2622cc935ce56d650d8

Filename: [Live-eviL]_Tokyo_Marble_Chocolate_Zenryoku_Shounen_[BD][1080p][3C3EB270].mkv
Size: 388,064,467 bytes
CRC: 3C3EB270
MD5: 01b44ab0970d6114a01d1e94bfe4cf21

Filename: [Live-eviL]_Tokyo_Marble_Chocolate_Zenryoku_Shounen_[BD][720p][862E7A5A].mkv
Size: 224,684,702 bytes
CRC: 862E7A5A
MD5: 63a852cce5772f8f5d84031e88eaf624

As usual, get it from the bots in our IRC channel, #live-evil@irc.rizon.netย or grab it off BitTorrent.