Only 2?? T_T Well, we wanted to have more, really… a massive year end blow out, but nasty real-life stuff kept getting in the way. 🙁

So we present these 2, Ceddie #9 And Three Musketeers #11!

First up, Ceddie #9, My Mother… Has Collapsed.
After the outrageous rejection from Mrs. Cordette for the commission the custom made dress, Ceddie and his Mom try to get back into the normal flow of life, however the rejection is still on Ceddie’s mind and the toll it took on his mother has yet to play it’s worst hand! How will it play out? Find out!

And second, The Three Musketeers.#11, The Broken Sword.

Richelieu continues to plot and scheme against the queen, but the Musketeers keep getting in his way, so his new plan is to murder them one by one, however in a show of unity for D’Artagnan, they all have broken their swords, leaving them vulnerable. Will Richelieu finally win the day? There is only one way to know!

Meow baby! =^-^=
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