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If you haven’t heard already, Hiromi Tsuru passed away last week on November 16, 2017 due to Aortic dissection. She voiced Madoka Ayukawa in Kimagure Orange Road, Bulma in the Dragon Ball Series,  Reiko Mikami in Ghost Sweeper Mikami and Meryl Strife in Trigun and many more. Click here for more details on her passing.

Rest in peace Hiromi. Anime won’t be the same without you.

– Mamo

Happy Thanksgiving! Eating turkey or a turducken? Have sushi instead! 😀
Here’s another episode of Laughing Salesman just for you guys!

– Mamo

Filename: [Evil-Saizen]_Laughing_Salesman_29_[720p][EC25454C].mkv
Size: 148,448,027 bytes
CRC: EC25454C
MD5: caba5f38b338f4ba0d11ff20b4278a97

As usual, get it from the bots in our IRC channel, #live-evil You can also grab the episode from or grab it off BitTorrent.


Queen Millennia is back, now in Hi-Definition 480p! 😉

Episode 35: “Mass Evacuation to the Underground!”
File size: 200,854,971 bytes (191 MiB)
CRC: 2E791747
MD5: 6ce6a74f50aa0adc8248597db0086599


As usual, get them from the bots in our IRC channel at #live-evil
You can also grab them using BitTorrent.