Space Brothers #0

Today we’re releasing Space Brothers #0 along side with Saizen.
This movie is a prequel to the TV series. I recommend watching this first if you have not yet watched the series.
Don’t forget to visit saizenfansubs website and see falsedawn’s hilarious webpost. Space poop! 😀

Enjoy the movie!

Filename: [Evil_Saizen] Space Brothers #0 [BD][1080p][FEFD68E5].mkv
Size: 3,392,101,015 bytes
MD5: a00aaf728a159627fc34fc2f542df764

Filename: [Evil_Saizen] Space Brothers #0 [BD][720p][073751F5].mkv
Size: 1,627,780,756 bytes
CRC: 073751F5
MD5: 6e47552db77b9fb6685a6d31a98adb59

As usual, get it from the bots in our IRC channel,?#live-evil You can also grab the movie from?#saizen