Anime… the oriental frontier, these are the voyages of the subtitle group Live-eviL.
Our never-ending mission, to seek out new life in older unappreciated and un-subbed works. To boldly sub what was un- subbed or poorly subbed before!

Join Live-eviL and her crew as they chart the murkiest seldom charted depths of series of past that will dazzle and delight!.
Feeling motivated our intrepid crew? Here is how! We are looking for/ in need of QC staff / editors, if you are a wizard of words, a prestidigitator of punctuation, a guru of grammar? Then we have a position for you!

However we DO have one particular prerequisite and that is that you…

What we mean by that is … we tend to work on the older stuff, once in a while a movie here and there, blu-ray when it comes out. What we want is staff members that can STAY THE DISTANCE… I.E. not vanish after a month or two but hang with us for the duration ( with in reason )
Now it’s very well and understood that all work here is done on volunteer time, but there has been SO many that have join and simply quit after a very short time…

If you come we wish you to STAY! =^-^=

So if there is ANYONE interested, there are 2 ways to get our attention…
#1 e-mail me direct at (best way)
#2 get my attention in the main channel (#live-evil) on rizon

Thank you
Suzaku & the staff of live-eviL