Has it been almost 2 years since the last release?
Will Marco ever make it Buenos Aires? That darn ship can’t go any faster Marco.
Sit still Marco! You will get there!
Also… Happy Thanksgiving to all those in the US! Save me a turkey leg will ya?

Episode Title: La Plata, River of Silver
Filename:ย [L-E & C1]3000 Leagues in Search of Mother – 21 [1314C494].mkv
Size: 236,130,352 bytes
CRC: 1314C494
MD5: 0e7e078a9aee18c92a58349e9c4ae31f

As usual, get it from the bots in our IRC channel,?#live-evil @irc.rizon.net?or grab it off?BitTorrent.

Enjoy the episode.