For the first time in a long while I am writing a post to announce a release for Live-eviL.

It is with great pleasure that I can announce after a long slog the completion of the
Trapp Family Story (トラップ一家物語 ).

I came to learn of this series by accident when I was randomly browsing the internet for stuff
related to the Sound of Music and randomly came across the anime. What quickly followed was me
establishing if it was / was not properly fansubbed and the ordering DVD’s of the show.
I tried to persuade others to translate it but nobody would take me on. At the time I was a
first year Japanese University student, so I took on the challenge of translating it because
I wanted to see the show done. Of course my first few episodes needed a LOT of translation
checking as I still did not have fluency at that time but my translating has kind of grown up as
I finished University and I am now living in Japan.

With the current state of the fansub market, traditional fansub groups are dying out because
Crunchyroll, more or less is releasing a lot of the current season animes and doing a
good job at it – some people decry Crunchyroll because “its commercial” and because you have
to pay to get the better quality streams but in terms of translation quality, it’s staffed by
former fansubbers and some pretty good ones at that. I won’t name names but if you were
around 5 or 6 years ago – a lot of the top tier anime that was being fansubbed back then –
the translators are now in a lot of cases working for Crunchyroll – they are making a good job
of it too – please support Crunchyroll if you can.

However at this instance I must take this time to make an appeal to former fansubbers who
are retired and new people who want to learn the craft – we are an OLD and SLOOOW group.
I finished translating Trapp back in Autumn 2013 – I did about 15 episodes in the space of
a few weeks but due to lack of manpower we have moved at a monolithic pace
(not for the want of Suzaku flexing her cat claws). If you like old anime which won’t get
picked up by Crunchyroll and want to see it released faster please volunteer to help us so
we can fill in more of things like the World Masterpiece Theatre back catalogue. The more
ready and willing pairs of hands we have, the quicker we can bring these shows to you our dear viewers.

On another point I must send out some thanks –

greenkabbage – TLC
Tofusensei – TLC
Black-chair – TLC
Tsubasa – TLC
tenkenX6 – TLC
Tlynnec – Edit
Mamo-chan – Edit
CP – Edit
Kaereste Edit
Kuren – Karaoke
Mitomi – Styling

And our incomparable QC team.

And of course last but not least, Suzaku, who has since has taken over and done most of the
typesetting and encoding and co-ordination of the show. Thank you for keeping the show on the
road, even when I had moments of “failing it”.

And of course we could not go without mentioning the Von Trapp family itself.
Albeit with some fictionalization this anime is based on a real story if you didn’t already know.
You can read about them here -> .
Maria Von Trapp officially arrived in the United States 73 years ago on the 30th December this year.
We should be awed and inspired by the legacy of joy and music that their story has left for
generations to come.

But without further ado let’s get to this final episode.

The Von Trapp Family has made the heart wrenching decision to leave their home and everything that they own.
Watch Georg and Maria and the rest of the family as there are lots of tears (one moment in particular is very heart wrenching –
have your hankies at the read) and hope as they make their flight to freedom – will they succeed or fail on their fateful journey to the west.


We hope you have enjoyed the journey with us and look forward to the next World Masterpiece Anime from your friends at Live-eviL


Way back in 2007, when I was offered the reins of this project I leapt at the chance to take over this project, one of the main reasons being is that I (and my family in general) have always have had a fascination with Trapp family and their story. Mainly because my heritage also comes from the same background. (Czech /Austrian/German on my Mom’s side) So ever since then, I made it my goal to see this project done to the end, no matter what, through thick and thin, up and down… and there WAS a very bad down near the end, to which the last part of this is dedicated to, the loss of CP. (see prev. posts.)

Suzaku! =^-^=

Meow baby!
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As usual, get it from the bots in our IRC channel, #live-evil or grab it off BitTorrent.