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In this edifying epic episode,, Dr Rin goes to the dogs… SOS! Tokiwa dogfight! Hellions from Tokiwa’s past are hideously hot on his heels and hounding him at every turn as he hopes headoff this horrendous horrid headache from his own childhood!

Meow baby! =^-^=

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Episode #1 New York is my town!
Once again, we at Live-eviL are very proud to announce the launch of yet another new World Masterpiece Theater project! Little Lord Fauntleroy, also known as Shōkōshi Ceddie.

The story concerns an American boy named Cedric Errol (more fondly known as Cedie), who at an early age finds that he is the sole heir to a British earldom and leaves New York to take up residence in his ancestral castle. After some initial resistance, he is joined by his middle-class mother, widow of heir James Errol. His grandfather, the Earl of Dorincourt, intends to teach the boy to become an aristocrat, but Cedie inadvertently teaches his grandfather compassion and social justice, and the artless simplicity and motherly love of dearest warms the old man’s heart.

Meow baby! =^-^=
Ceddie#1 h264
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I watched Macross Delta Preview this past weekend.? Too bad we’ll never see that in America.? No, we’re not subbing that!? Go get GG’s version 😀


In case you haven’t heard, Macross Do You Remember Love is being re-released on Blu-ray later this month. (Pre-ordered and waiting for it to ship).

This re-release will be remastered and uncut (Yay! No more blurred scenes!).? Thanks Kawamori Shoji!

Stay tuned for the perfect DYRL edition you’ll ever see! Deculture!