Warau 22

If you don’t know about Moguro and his antics by now… he will troll you! 😀
Here’s two hilarious eps of Laughing Salesman!


Filename: [Evil-Saizen]_Laughing_Salesman_21_[DVD][7185AF9A].mkv
Size: 104,908,153 bytes
CRC: 7185AF9A
MD5: 5ae713cfa360a85daada2855b547e3bf

Filename: [Evil-Saizen]_Laughing_Salesman_22_[DVD][9EC16558].mkv
Size: 94,889,487 bytes
CRC: 9EC16558
MD5: bbbb7c056b9f9fd59ee2eb91ebc2f59d

As usual, get it from the bots in our IRC channel,?#live-evil @irc.rizon.net?You can also grab the episode from?#saizen @irc.rizon.net