Merry Christmas! Feliz Navidad! !Froehliche Weinachten メリークリスマス
veselé Vánoce
You get the idea! =^-^=
Our present to you… something we have not done in a while, a mass release. ( or as close to it as we can come. )
4 episodes at once.
So first up. ( I will skip the long descriptions for now )
Trapp #27 Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow.
A bit of Maria’s dark past is revealed.
Size: 206,604,354 bytes
CRC: 3748EA0A
MD5: 917DA7724B5DC846B4A2396F1B428B1A

Next is The Three Musketeers #5 The Trap of the Love Letter
There is trouble brewing from England! and D’Artagnan is right in the middle of it.
Musket#5 h264
Size: 369,374,743 bytes
CRC: 1B6E540E
MD5: 28FB6CF6DA3DFD2013B8139550DA5363

Followed by Ask Dr Rin 17. Terror, ghost stories?!
Just what happens in schools after dark?
Dr Rin#17 h264
Size: 205,896,325 bytes
MD5: C733EC4B466949F12564D52733BE7E56
And lastly…
Magical Emi #13, The Tutor Is 16 Years Old?!
Not only is Mai clumsy enough to let every day objects drop, but her grades too!
Emi#13 h264
Size: 427,112,121 byte
MD5: 527D64ECB1A387C8DBBA3543529F6745

Meow baby!
Suzaku. =^-^=

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