Goal has been met!

2 Western Digital Black 2TB drives have been ordered and should be arriving some time this week.

Many thanks to those who have donated so far to this project! =^-^=

I will be keeping the donation channels open for the following reasons.
About 6 and 1/2 years ago, I built a mega powered encoding system. This system I have upgraded a few times already, She’s based on an Phenom II X4 965 ( all my systems have anime names.) You may have seen her online as Misamisa.
when I built her, I spent ( Prices then ) $100 each for four 400 GB drives, out of which i buit a RAID 5 array on this array is mostly L-E data. ( hardware card ) with this in addition to the other 2 system drives in it, it has worked well for all this time..
Now 6+ years is a LONG time for dives to last, and so far there has been no failure… but sooner or later there WILL be…
and this is where the SUCK FACTOR comes in, Due to a dirty trick done by both Seagate and Westerdigital about 4 years ago, NORMAL drives will no longer work in RAID systems ( ie 5,6 any advanced RAID ) a new more expensive class of drive was created and the norm desktop drives were deliberately made to fail in such a setup ( Google TLER )
Now, because I know sooner or later one of the drives in the RAID will fail, I bought a RAID level 500gb WD drive and its sitting on a shelf safe and sound.
But sooner or later all drives should be replaced.. that is why I’m leaving this donation thing open.
I’m not directly asking for anything, I’m just stating how things are at the moment.. and saying If you want to donate.. people can.
This is how things stand..
There is about $45 left.
For 4 new RAID compatible drives..
$359.96 for Western Digital WD RE4 WD5003ABYX 500GB which will be close to what I had.
$439.96 for Western Digital WD RE4 WD1003FBYX 1TB which would be 2x the old array.
Regardless of anything.. I will be adding what I can to this total over time.

Again, Thanks to those who have donated.
Suzaku and the Staff of Live-eviL