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OK, where to start with something like this… there comes a time where one must break new ground and head into new UN-charted territory. (well for us anyway ) and that time seems to have come.

In this day and age of everything getting BIGGER and bigger file-wise and encoding wise ( Blu-ray )
files are just getting WAY to big to manage. We here at L-E intend to launch another classic Blu project, but nearly had a cow when we saw the size of the files it would take to work with this, over 400 GB just to START it. Now, I wont say WHAT this is, but I will say the director is very well known, and has often been associated with another very WELL known director for most of his career .

So as a first here at Live-eviL, we are asking you the watchers, for donations… this will be added to funds that we ourselves will be putting in for 2 ( at least 2) 1 TB drives, of a reliable brand with a 3 or more year warranty on them. These will be set up RAID 1 (mirrored ) and dedicated to this project, and any and all future Blu-ray projects we do.

Any help you can give is appreciated.
If you can’t , that’s also understood.

Thank you.
Link here for donating.

Donate here

Suzaku & the staff of Live-eviL =^-^=

Status updates will follow…


Its that odd feeling you have as you are suddenly awakened from a deep sleep in the middle of the night for no apparent reason, or the odd image you glimpse in your rear-view mirror as you are driving down an old abandoned road at night but turn to look only to find nothing there, or the strange sounds like a voice you hear when you are in your bath from out in your yard when you KNOW there is nobody out there… or there SHOULD BE… Is there a man on the wing of your plane? Just what DOES your neighbor do late at night in his basement that makes the light dim? Just WHAT are those odd lights in the sky that no one likes to speak of? Or if they do… they get locked into a nice padded room? You have just come to the bloodcurdling realization that WE ARE NOT ALONE!!! And YOU ARE BEING WATCHED!
Welcome to the Live-eviL Zone! And our first themed release in a long time! UFO paranoia Themed!

First up, KOR #16. Believe It or Not, Madoka Saw A UFO!
In this episode, while walking home alone one evening, Madoka and Kyōsuke spot a strange and wonderful object in the sky. ( which may or may not have been a UFO, that’s not the point ) But in order to save themselves from any… embarrassments, they decided to keep the entire ‘sighting’ a secret between themselves. However, when this fails as word of it gets to the WRONG ears, it quickly spreads all over the school in the worst example of the “Telephone game” you can think of…

Next up is Magical Emi #10, Do you believe in UFOs?
Kokubunji the Reject takes the spotlight as his UFO TV show hits the airwaves. This on the heels of strange sightings in the town and various other places near by. So Mai decides to take a train ride alone with her little brother to go UFO spotting in the countryside, along the way the meet this very odd, UN-earthly woman!

Size: 223,208,317 bytes
MD5: 195CB23A435D6B81485648D7D9E5DEB7

Emi#10 h264
Size: 234,834,772 bytes
CRC: 1AE18F14
MD5: E75662B69489AB4EB16C4D9F2B41B999
As usual, get it from the bots in our IRC channel, #live-evil or grab it off BitTorrent.
Enjoy! Meow baby!
Suzaku. =^-^=

Are you a translator who wants to do an older show?

Do you want to bring your childhood love to a new generation?

Come talk to us! If you’re willing to translate, we are willing to do the rest!

(99% guarantee. Sorry no porn. Show must currently be unlicensed in North America/R1. Subject to availability of raw video sources. You have just read the fine print).

In all seriousness, Live-eviL is devoted to bring the oft-forgotten masterpieces of years-gone-by to a new generation of viewers. Shows such as Yawara, Trapp Family Story, Rose of Versailles (now finally licensed nearly 40 years later!), Snow Queen, Detective Academy Q, and the entire Matsumoto line-up have been given the L-E Gold Standard treatment thanks to a devoted staff who loves what we do. However, after more than a dozen years of dedication (seriously, we’ve been here since 2001), we are running out of ideas!

That’s where you come in. If you know of an old anime that that deserves a new life, and you or someone you know is willing to translate it (without excessive need for translation-checking by a better translator), come talk to us!  We will consider any project, provided it is not porn or currently R1 licensed, and assuming we can get or you can provide raws. Our staff want to work with you!

And to answer the inevitable question: yes, we will consider live-action, though whether we take it on or not will depend entirely on the interest of the staff. If you’re into live-action, your odds are best if its an adaptation of an anime (such as the live-action Detective Academy Q, of which we did the complete anime).

So, if you’re interested, I can be reached by email at tlynnec [at], or you can chat up myself, yaoiboy, suzaku|rcGoLE, or mamo-chan in our irc channel at  #live-evil If you send a private message, please state why you’re messaging as we don’t always respond to random “hi” messages. 🙂 Don’t worry if you don’t get an instant response: we’re not available 24/7, but we will respond in no more than 3 days and usually much faster!

Hoping to hear from you soon,