Hello everyone. A wonderful thing has happened. Nozomi Entertainment / RightStuf has picked up the license for Dirty Pair TV (1985) (All 26 episodes) and will give it the usual treatment like they did with Captain Tylor. No more playing those old bulky fansub tapes. You can finally burn those in your fireplace (if you have one) or record over them. The torrents have been removed. Thank you for enjoying our Dirty Pair TV, please buy them as soon it’s available. Oh and Happy St. Patricks Day!

P.S. I found an old interview (with Roe Adams, Co-founder of AnimEigo) that I would like to share with everyone. I’ve posted it on my website. In this interview, Dirty Pair TV is mentioned and how AnimEigo wanted to license the series from Sunrise Inc. Sunrise offered $1,000.000.00 USD for the license. Read the interview and see for yourself.