After I’ve forgotten how many long years, our much used scarywater bittorrent tracker is shutting down. We appreciate all they have done for us over the years. Thank you scarywater!

We are currently in the process of moving everything over to our NEW TRACKER on edwardk.  Starting immediately please download from the new tracker. Don’t panic if the series you want isn’t on the tracker yet… we’re moving torrents over as fast as we can. Our goal is to have everything moved by the time scarywater shuts down on the 12th.

If you can help seed anything on the new tracker, we would be very very VERY grateful. Right now there are 6 people trying to seed everything L-E has ever done (that isn’t licensed)! As I’m sure you can imagine, that’s a lot of load being carried by very few people, which means slow torrents. The more seeders we get, the faster the torrents will go and the easier this move will be.

Thank you in advance for your help and patience!