Archive for January 12th, 2009

Congratulations to the winners of the 2008 Annual Banner contest!

The winning banners have been added to the website rotation. In fact, we had so many good entries that several of the non-winning banners have also been added to the site!

Winners can be viewed here:,1529.msg17988.html#msg17988

We had a lot of great entries this year, and I hope the winners will enjoy their exciting prizes.

See you again next year!


Morning all! I hope you enjoyed the first episode of Dirty Pair. Here is the 2nd episode!
Do the Lovely Angels prefer chest hair? Only one way to find out. Download the episode and watch!

Filename: [FLF_&_L-E]_Dirty_Pair_TV_-_02_[793D547A].mkv
Size: 366,609,424 bytes
MD5: ea186940d955ac604aedab3ce4d2dc38

Download the episode at and