With the limited-edition DVD box set of Mermaid’s Forest came 2 very special unaired episodes. They were a retelling of the Mermaid’s Scar sttory from the manga, by large considered to be the greatest story of the lot. This was originally released as an OAV in the early nineties and was released in America by Viz. Because these episodes were unaired they are considerably more graphic than the TV episodes, and are also in widescreen.

The basic story involves Yuta & Mana confronting a young boy who is not what he appaears to be on the surface. Watch and see.

Also, for all you fans who missed out on Rumic Theater and Rumic Theater Season 2 (Mermaid’s Forest), we will be releasing a large batch torrent encompassing the entirety of both series, which will also fit nicely onto CDRs or a DVDR.

As usual, get the file from bit torrent at http://a.scarywater.net/live-evil or from our bots in #live-evil @ irc.enterthegame.com

Ep 12 filesize is 248,213,504 bytes, the CRC is CAEA4A4F, and the md5 hash is aaaf59aaef16deb9768677fd73719269.
Ep 13 filesize is 247,844,864 bytes, the CRC is F270F622, and the md5 hash is 911e0906d5ff6abf7606e8235a2d5ba0.
Both files were encoded with xvid 1.0