Yet once again we have ridden our wild blue globe around it’s sun for yet another full circumference, marking yet another year that our dear friend and companion, Olle Morell, AKA, CP departed this realm to the great beyond.

So yet again. Today on his birthday, let us all take a moment to remember his of brilliance with us.
Shine on, now and forever, wherever you are, Happy Birthday to our dear friend , Olle Morell.

First up is Emi #35! Welcome to the Forest of Fairies!

In this episode, Emi gets Stoned! Or more exactly, she comes across a strange gemstone that happens to be linked to a magical being, seems to happen a lot to her!

Followed by Ceddie #20! Delicious? The Fishing Master’s Present!!

In this episode, Ceddie teams up with his new found friend Peter for a fishing expedition, who is the better angler? The city boy, or the local boy from England?

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There WILL be more releases!
Suzaku.& the staff of Live-eviL
Meow baby!