Hello everyone.

So you just downloaded a movie (4GB+) from one our bots off the Live-evil IRC channel and your file doesn’t play.







The horror!!

Don’t panic and let me explain:

When you download a file from a L-E bot and complete the transfer at 100%, but the file isn’t playing. You find yourself having to resume the file over and over. Sound familiar?

In this case, please check the CRC. If the CRC does match, then you are good to go. If not, then you’ll have to resume the file.
If all else fails, then its possibly your IRC client, as it might be outdated and just needs an update. It might be a simple fix in your DCC settings. Each IRC client differs.
Please refer to your IRC client’s website for updates.

If the problem persists, please try another bot or use our torrent site to complete the transfer.

For kvirc users: Click on Settings -> Configure kvirc -> DCC -> File Transfer -> Advanced Tab -> Enable send 64-bit ACKs for files larger than 4GiB

Hexchat still has issues with this type of problem. You never know when you’ll see a patch for it.

For mIRC users, please use version 6.33 or above. Any lesser versions will not support files larger than 4GB.

Again: If the bots says your file is complete, don’t assume everything is fine. Please check the CRC right away and see if you can play the file..

If you still have problems, please contact me on IRC or email me at mamochan@live-evil.org.

— Mamo-chan