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The birthday bash continues!

Magical Emi #29! Snowy Scene Dreamland. ( Almost done! )

Are you a believer?
It’s Christmas in June! Yes, this is a Christmas episode, in this one Mai and the gang are debating the very existence of Santa, Mai and Misaki believe, but Shou says he is fake. But if he is fake, then where do all the presents come from? And to further complicate things, they ponder that if he DOES exist, then how does he get into your home if it does not have a chimney?
All these questions and more will be answered in this very psychedelic episode of Magical Emi!

Meow baby!
Emi#29 h264
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As usual, get it from the bots in our IRC channel, #live-evil or grab it off BitTorrent.


















Hello everyone.
Today is Live-eviL’s 19th Birthday!
19 years old already? Felt like yesterday we were just releasing Creamy Mami and Wolf’s Rain.

Today we are releasing the Slayers Perfect Movie Blu-ray!
Get out the party hats, noise makers and watch Lina do her famous “Dragon Slave”.
Next year, L-E will be 20 years old.
Who remembers our L-E mascot Ellie-chan? Our resident artist, BeeBee (and qc’er) re-drew Ellie-chan. Isn’t she cute? ;D

Special thanks to Jmaeshawn for all his hard work on the Slayers Movie ED kara.
A lot of work was put into this movie.

Enjoy the movie! – Mamo

Filename: [Live-eviL]_Slayers_Perfect_Movie_[BD][720p][4F05804E].mkv
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Filename: [Live-eviL]_Slayers_Perfect_Movie_[BD][1080p][81D5B769].mkv
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CRC: 81D5B769
MD5: 2fae224932a6317b4f78a1e9406a977c

As usual, get it from the bots in our IRC channel, or grab it off BitTorrent.