Is that Richie Sambora in the background? You’ll see more pop culture references later on in Yawara.
Anyways… It’s time for a dual release of Yawara!

Enjoy the eps! — Mamo

Filename: [FroZen-EviL]_Yawara_-_031_[720p][Blu-Ray][519418E3].mkv
Size: 1,036,016,604 bytes
CRC: 519418E3
MD5: 5af5e5f45f59ba1496e714edd3dc0c04

Filename: [FroZen-EviL]_Yawara_-_032_[720p][Blu-Ray][060B6BB2].mkv
Size: 986,724,398 bytes
CRC: 060B6BB2
MD5: 90e6034e5c328c9bd13ac7fb223cdb52

As usual, get it from the bots in our IRC channel, #live-evil or grab it off BitTorrent. You can also grab the episodes from #frostii and #saizen