The year was 2013, this was when we first released the Blu-ray version of Macross Do You Remember Love. And there was much rejoicing… ref- Macross DYRL blu-ray
however the euphoria did not last long, when it was learned that the evil editors had removed all the good naughty bits. ( IE this was made from the old DVD cut with the good buts filtered out.)
So the cries of the fans kept coming until they were finally answered with THIS version.
Macross DYRL restored back to the original theater glory with all the naughty bits intact!

3 way audio!
5.1 (DTS)
stereo (aac dvd version )
Mono (aac theater version )
file info
[Live-eviL]_Macross_-_Do_You_Remember_Love_[Remastered][1080p][BD][248786E3].mkv 10 bit
11.6 GB (12,483,282,022 bytes)
CRC32 248786E3
MD5 3F5C4B353C48932782CE969A9C83596A

6.93 GB (7,442,662,817 bytes)
CRC32 E10B5147
MD5 9B37764A47DD592801C5A3716E015593

Suzaku! =^-^=
Meow baby!