QUEEN MILLENNIA: Episode 12 (of 42) – The Secret of the Telescope
Hajime doesn’t know who is on his side. In his frustration, he makes an amazing discovery!

Filename: [Live-eviL]_Queen_Millennia_(TV)_-_12_[8081DAC7].mkv
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MD5: 4fa519e0b62d79c8e91a2a27beee9b97


CAPTAIN HARLOCK: Endless Orbit SSX: Episode 18 (of 22) – The Rescue of Emeraldas
Harlock isn’t the only Space Pirate out there fighting the tyranny of the Illumunas. When Space Pirate Queen Emeraldas is captured, it is Harlock and crew to the rescue!

Filename: [Live-eviL]_Captain_Harlock_SSX_(TV)_-_18_[B90AE93E].mkv
Size: 232140327 (221 MiB)
MD5: 830a1a70fa0eaef594539f4575d69273

After a long hiatus, both these legendary Matsumoto Series’ are back in the fansub pipeline. As usual, get it from the bots in our IRC channel, #live-evil @irc.rizon.net or grab it off BitTorrent.