We’ve thought about not releasing this episode tonight.  Or this week.  It’s pretty obvious that we’ve spoiled the fans of this show a bit too much.  We’ll really need to slow down… (Seriously, we will slow down once we catch up with the airing schedule, which we’re almost there.)

By the way…


Mmmm, beer!

Release information:
720p [Frostii_Live-eviL]_Winter_Sonata_-_10_[5B64A180].mkv
480p  – [Frostii_Live-eviL]_Winter_Sonata_-_10v2_[C3166C65].avi

As usual, these episodes are available on the bots in our IRC channel, #Live-eviL@irc.enterthegame.com and Frostii’s channel #Frostii@irc.rizon.net, or grab it off BitTorrent.